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Human intervention in wildlife, Climate Change Summit, Industrial Revolution, Human activities against nature

Earth Day 2019: The planet implores collective human action to be saved

The impacts of human activities are far-reaching and devastating. However, there's a ray of hope. Collective action by all the stakeholders of society can prevent the worst before it is too late.


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Pollution, Wildlife loss, Biodiversity loss, Earth day

A common song for our planet: Why I seek an Earth Anthem

While nations and even states have anthems of their own, the Earth does not have one — effectively alienating the stateless and global citizens. It's time we pay homage to the one home we all in truth share.


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Plastic, Earth day

On Earth Day, let’s declare war on plastic

Stop using plastic plates and cups immediately. I cannot stress this enough.


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India, Health, Earth day, Climate change

5 climate change challenges India needs to wake up to

We need to look into methods of creating carbon sinks that reverse global warming.