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Donald Trump, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook, Bantrump

Mark Zuckerberg did not ban Trump to save democracy, he banned him to save Facebook

For years, Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook turned a blind eye to everything the ultra-right and Trumpists did on the platform. All in the name of free speech.


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Facebook, Ankhi das, Sanjay jha, Congress

DailyOh! The storm ‘Congressi by DNA’ Sanjay Jha stirred, to why Facebook executive has gone to cops

Sanjya Jha says 100 Congress leaders want leadership change. Congress says Jha is no Congressi.


 |  7-minute read
Softbank, Facebook, Google, Investments in india

Jio, Google For India: Why incoming digital investments promise us a pole position in global markets

What is noteworthy here is that not just tech giants, but also major venture capital firms have made a beeline for investment opportunities in India.


 |  3-minute read
Facebook, Jair bolsonaro, Narendra Modi, Donald Trump

How Covid-19 and Facebook are interconnected in US, Brazil and India

USA, Brazil, and India are the world’s worst Covid-19-affected countries that are also the most polarised democracies and the largest consumers of Facebook.


 |  4-minute read
Mark Zuckerberg, Donald Trump, Facebook, Georgefloyddeath

We will all breathe for George Floyd. Except Donald Trump and Mark Zuckerberg

Those of us who can breathe, belong to a connected world without digital boundaries. Some of us are in anguish; some of us are feeling powerless, fearful or angry.


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Fake news, Social Media, Google, Twitter

Pulwama attack aftermath: Why it's a moment of reckoning for WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Google

Much has been theorised about how big tech and social media have disrupted societies across the world. The aftermath of Pulwama is this theory demonstrated in practice.


 |  6-minute read
Pixel tracking, Data Privacy, Google, Facebook

I now worry about every click I make because they are watching us

The internet remembers every click we make and then uses the information to define you and me.


 |  3-minute read
Messenger, Facebook, Play Store, Google

India becomes world's largest downloader of Android apps, biggest online streamer globally

India has witnessed 165% growth in app downloads across iOS and Android devices in the last two years. What's driving this, and who's benefitting?


 |  Below The Belt  |  6-minute read
Beauty standards, Physical Beauty, Facebook, Tenyearchallenge

Women need to ask themselves who they were ten years ago, not how they looked

Instead of talking about how they overcame PCOS, depression or domestic violence, the latest social media trend is making women look back at their old hairstyles or lip colour. That is only one reason why I am staying out of the #tenyearchallenge.


 |  3-minute read
Data Privacy, 10yearchallenge, Facial recognition, Instagram

Are Facebook and Instagram manipulating you with the #10YearChallenge?

Hang on! Is Facebook collecting data for a facial recognition system that it's developing? This is something you should know, before posting pictures of you ten years ago to now.