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Minimum support price, Agricultural produce market committee, Farm bills, Farmersprotest

Why staying the course on farm laws can help India become a global agricultural powerhouse

Staying the course on the new farm laws presents India with a golden opportunity to be the global agricultural powerhouse of the 21st century.


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Agriculture, Dilli chalo, Farm bills, Farmersprotest

Farmers will resist till ishq outweighs risk

We have fought multinationals, economic liberalisation and today a large number of us are fighting the farm laws, with the belief that the laws will ultimately make paupers out of us poor farmers.


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Justin Trudeau, Aids, Farm bills, Narendra Singh Tomar

DailyOh! Govt-farmers deadlock continues, Justin Trudeau told to stay quiet

After days of water cannons and tear gas shelling, the two sides sat across the table to resolve the crisis.


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Farmers agitation, Dilli chalo, Farm bills, Farmersprotest

Dilli Chalo! Fumble harmers, humble farmers

While the people on the right side of things could clang utensils for a cause, those on the left have had little causeful days in the corona times. Ideology needs the oxygen of a grievance. It came in tractor trollies to Singhu border.


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Farm bills, Rhea chakraborty, Sushant Singh Rajput, Hatrasgangrape

DailyOh! What AIIMS team found in Sushant case, to what Priyanka Gandhi said over Hathras victim’s death

AIIMS team is ‘in agreement’ with the CBI over the ‘conclusive’ findings in Sushant’s death.