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 |  4-minute read
Fire Safety, BMC, Mumbai Fire, Crystal tower

Another fire, same old story: Why Mumbai high-rises are tinderboxes

Mumbai has shot up vertically like Jack’s beanstalk, but this is no fairy tale. It’s a nightmare.


 |  5-minute read
Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi, Fire Safety, Bawana fire

Who killed the 17 victims of Bawana factory fire?

The blaze was not an accident, it was the predictable result of cutting corners and administrative apathy.


 |  Wild Ways  |  4-minute read
Fire Safety, Nature, National Museum Fire

Delhi lost a childhood treasure in museum fire

That feeling of knowing friends who were much older, appearing indestructible in their reality, are gone forever is not flameproof.


 |  4-minute read
Fire Safety, Make in India, Chowpatty Beach

Make in India fire: Why functions don't take place at Chowpatty beach

A Bombay HC order had turned down the state's application to conduct the event for a variety of reasons.


 |  3-minute read
Fire Safety, Mumbai Fire

Mumbai's fire fighters need more than just a memorial

The deaths of officers Sanjay Rane and Mahendra Desai should be the starting point of enacting major changes to the city's fire service.