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 |  The Big M  |  9-minute read
Not In My Name, Junaid Khan lynching, Gau Raksha Dal, Gau Rakshaks

I met a gau rakhshak who is not afraid of Modi

I carried home the two encounters with the predators and the victims.


 |  3-minute read
Dalits, Gau Raksha Dal

Does attacking Dalits make one a gau rakshak or taking care of cows?

The Sangh Parivar has also been silent about non-cow milch and draft cattle.


 |  6-minute read
Dalits, Gau Raksha Dal, Narendra Modi

Modi is saving Indians from their own caste biases

The PM's statement has upset that mindset of maintaining a safe distance from Dalits and using them only for political purposes.


 |  4-minute read
Donald Trump, Narendra Modi, Gau Raksha Dal

Why I'm not convinced with what Modi said about gau rakshaks

Perhaps Indian PM should read the Constitution again.


 |  10-minute read
Gau Raksha Dal, Technology, Narendra Modi, MyGov

Was Modi's message to Gau Rakshaks stern or hollow?

At his inaugural MyGov townhall address, PM criticised cow vigiliantes in no uncertain terms but kept mum on Dalits and Muslims suffering.


 |  Breaking Views  |  5-minute read
BJP, Dalits, Gujarat, Gau Raksha Dal

Gau rakshaks are anti-Dalit, BJP must worry

Most damaging is the fact that there has been little attempt made to effectively rein in the cow protection mobs by the saffron party.


 |  5-minute read
BJP, Gau Raksha Dal, Dalits

Why we need to stop politicising Dalit unrest and look at facts

BJP has taken many steps to integrate the subaltern social groups into the mainstream.


 |  Stories Unscene  |  6-minute read
BR Ambedkar, Gau Raksha Dal, Dalit

With Dalits resisting gau rakshaks, India isn't far from annihilation of caste

A significant feature of the current anti-caste struggle has been the near absence of demands for concessions.


 |  4-minute read
Gau Raksha Dal, Beef, Cow Slaughter

Muslim women beaten up in MP for carrying 'beef', and BJP is okay with it

This comes just two weeks after four Dalits were brutally thrashed by a cow vigilante group.


 |  5-minute read
Narendra Modi, Gujarat, Gau Raksha Dal, Dalits

Why Dalits used carcasses of cows in Gujarat to protest

If the Hindu society can live with the putrefying stench of the caste system, why can't it handle remains of the animal?