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France, Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency, Global warming

5 Nostradamus predictions for 2022: AI takeover, inflation, invasion of France

French astrologer Nostradamus is famed for how accurate his predictions are. Here are 5 he made for the year 2022 from his book Les Propheties, published in 1555.


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Deforestation, Environmental degradation, Global warming, Climatechange

How individual choices can make a difference in fighting climate change

Change can be brought about at the level of individual decisions on questions of energy, food, water, their choices in transport and opinions as a citizen.


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Global warming, Climate change, Coffee, Covid19

DailyOh! Why the coffee you drink could be extinct soon, to who started Taking A Knee protest

The cup of coffee you drink could be gone in 60 years.


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Coronavirus, Covid-19, Global warming, Climatechange

Lockdown Diary Of A Teenager: Coronavirus helped nature heal. We must learn our lesson too

Covid-19 has been a curse for humans but it has proved to be an elixir for nature.


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Global warming, Greta thunberg, Climate Change Summit, Climate change

Why climate summits fail to spur action

Amid one of the largest environmental protests ever, the commitments from some of the biggest emitters — the US, China, and India — are awfully inadequate.


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Environmental conservation, Flood relief camps, Global warming, Climate change

The floods are your fault: Why I think we are primarily responsible for the devastating flooding all around

When we choose AC comfort or our own vehicle over public transport, we are harming the environment. It's not just world leaders who can fix the planet. It's you and me, if we actually care.


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Heat stroke, Summer Heat, Heatwave, Global warming

A heatwave has hit India! And it's scary

Here's what you need to stay safe.


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Indian Ocean, Rising sea levels, Global warming, Island nations

Will Seychelles president's underwater plea fall on deaf ears

In a remarkable speech delivered from deep under the surface of the Indian Ocean, Seychelles president called for the better protection of the world’s seas.


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Environmental damage, Global warming, World environment day, Plastic pollution

Why we must ask brands to look beyond plastic

India alone generates more than 25,000 tonnes of plastic waste, daily.


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Summers, Global warming, Climate change, IMD

This summer is going to be unusually hot. Are we prepared?

Between 2012 and 2016, 4,620 people died in the country because of heat exhaustion.