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Trump’s hyphenation of Iran and North Korea can be disastrous for US

The US President’s belligerence vis-à-vis Iran will hit many American companies.


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Rouhani's re-election as Iran president does not signal a win for democracy

Many Iranians voted with a heavy heart, not for him, but against his hard-core conservative challenger: Raisi, who was a prosecutor in the '80s and sent thousands of opponents to death.


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Iran is not an easy partner for India but will pay mutually beneficial results

Rouhani’s election signifies that Iran intends to project a moderate image.


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President Hassan Rouhani's landslide win in Iran elections is good news for India too

Oil is not the only factor in New Delhi-Tehran relations — connectivity is.


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Iran nuclear deal: Unlike Pakistan, India actually stands to benefit

Iran's primary strategic significance for New Delhi is as an access point to Afghanistan.


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Why the nuclear deal is so important for Iran

President Hassan Rouhani in a live address said the final deal on the Islamic Republic's nuclear programme will remain in people’s minds forever.