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BJP, Horse-Trading, Rajasthan cm ashok gehlot, Rajyasabhapolls

Rajasthan CM raises a storm over horse-trading

Ashok Gehlot has alleged that the BJP is offering Rs 10 crore in advance to MLAs to not vote for two Congress candidates, with another Rs 15 crore to be given later.


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Horse-Trading, Buta singh, Karnataka, Operation lotus

What is happening in Karnataka is wrong - but Congress has no business crying foul

The Congress has a long and inglorious history of toppling democratic state governments. Alongside, Narendra Modi and Amit Shah should also think of the repercussions of making similar moves.


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Narendra Modi, Horse-Trading, Karnataka verdict, Karnataka elections

Ask who is responsible for the 4-day mayhem that followed Karnataka election results

Our elected government, powered by our votes, shouldn't attempt to weaken democracy and institutions.


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Horse-Trading, BJP, Congress-jds, Karnataka elections

Cancelled flights, disappearing MLAs, midnight escape. How the Karnataka drama unfolded after hours

The MLAs were instructed to confuse mediapersons about their destination.


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Yeddyurappa, Karnataka Assembly polls, Horse-Trading, Corruption

100 crore for MLAs? What happened to demonetisation

According to a CMS study, almost Rs 9,500-10,500 crore was spent during the Karnataka elections.


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Karnataka elections, BJP, Congress, JD(S)

Karnataka verdict: Why BJP should be the last party to cry foul over horse-trading

If anything, the saffron party has shown the way to make post-poll backdoor methods a 'legit' strategy.


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Horse-Trading, Animal Rights, Uttarakhand crisis, Shaktiman

[Tragic] Shaktiman the horse dies. Mourning on Twitter

Social media bids farewell to the Uttarakhand police horse who succumbed to his leg injury.

Delhi elections, Horse-Trading, Congress, Rajesh Garg

Buzz off: King of stings Kejriwal gets stung by his own aadmi

The explosive conversation between AAP leader and former party MLA Rajesh Garg about breaking Congress ahead of Delhi polls gets leaked.


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Delhi elections, Horse-Trading, AAP, Rajesh Garg

Horse-trading charges hit Arvind Kejriwal, can Delhi CM come clean?

The audiotape allegedly reveals Aam Aadmi Party chief in conversation with Rajesh Garg, planning horse-trading in the run-up to the Delhi Assembly elections earlier this year.