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Wildlife conservation, Human wildlife conflict, Wildlife crime, Human activities against nature

Putin's Latest Spy? The 'dark' Russian side of the white Beluga whale

Meet the newest Russian spy — the friendly white Beluga whale sporting unusual strapping.


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Wildlife protection, Wildlife conservation, Bird watching, Human wildlife conflict

Spare a thought for wildlife this summer

See goodness emerge from the fallow spaces by just letting them be — here are a few things you can do to help wildlife this summer.


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Human intervention in wildlife, Land encroachment, Leopard deaths, Human wildlife conflict

A Happy Ending: Positive human intervention ensures a lost two-month-old leopard cub reunites with its mother

A heart-warming story of a little leopard cub, separated from its mother due to human activity. And reunited with her, due to human activity.


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Human intervention in wildlife, Changing wildlife behaviour, Human wildlife conflict, Wildlife

Trash on the menu: From scouring forests to a diet of 'fast foods', we are ruining the eating habits of wild animals and birds

How our garbage is now their diet — wild animals are seen becoming increasingly dependent on human rubbish for food. But this is hardly delicious fare for the birds and animals that are ingesting both plastic and artificial sugars and fats.