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ICC, Lockdown, Ball tampering, Waqaryounis

DailyOh! Why Waqar Younis thinks ICC 'guys' are frustrated with lockdown, to (dis)honour killing in Punjab

The International Cricket Council is pondering over legalising ball tampering.


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Balidaan badge, World Cup 2019, MS Dhoni, ICC

MSD's Balidaan badge row

MS Dhoni wore a 'Balidaan badge' during South Africa's match, BCCI has defended Dhoni's move while ICC has asked Dhoni not to wear it again.


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Australian cricket, ICC, Ball tampering

Ball-tampering controversy: Cricketing fraternity wakes up to debate on ethics

Cricket Australia may announce 'exemplary punishment' for Cameron Bancroft and Steve Smith.


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ICC, Anti-doping body, Anurag Thakur, BCCI

More twists expected in standoff between BCCI and anti-doping body

The cricket board is resisting the NADA as it thinks that could be the precursor to allowing the National Sports Code 2011 to become applicable to it.


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ICC, BCCI, Cricket, India-Sri Lanka

Why India playing Sri Lanka on a loop is someone’s idea of a sick joke

And it’s beyond funny, it’s nauseating. But what can you do other than not watching?


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ICC, BCCI, Sri Lanka, India

Do too many India-Sri Lanka cricket matches bother the players as well?

Most Indian players are happy to play ball looking at the larger picture.


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Shashank manohar, Cricket, BCCI, ICC

An incompetent BCCI can't allow an imperial ICC to take India for a ride

Without cricketers like Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni, Indian TV viewership will plummet.


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ICC, Shashank manohar, BCCI, Cricket

BCCI got a well-deserved slap in Dubai

It was the Indian cricket board in its weakest avatar for the ICC meeting.


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Champions Trophy 2017, ICC, BCCI

BCCI's politics of boycotting ICC Champions Trophy is foolish

Although the attraction of the tournament is entirely dependent on India, the financial implications of a pull-out are equally severe.


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Virat Kohli, ICC, India vs Australia

Why is ICC brokering peace between Kohli and Smith?

Is that the right way of implementing the cricket code of conduct?