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One year of GST roll-out: Several hits, few misses

Operational issues faced by assesses are related to IT platforms and the government seems to be serious about fixing the hiccups.


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How rising oil prices have put Modi government in a bind

India Today cover story looks at the raft of measures that are now being contemplated to reduce the burden on the consumer.


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Fiscal deficit, Inflation, Fuel prices, Indian Economy

How an uncertain economy is driving India to a crisis

The high fuel cost is posing a threat to the poor and farmers in the country.


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Raghuram Rajan, Ease of doing business rankings, GDP growth, Indian Economy

Why India's growth story is slowing down

Our politicians and bureaucrats regulating industry and the society draw inordinate amount of power from ambiguous rules.


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Economic outlook may look good but why India can't take it for granted

We are still far behind both China and the US in absolute terms and constant bank frauds need urgent fixing.


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Indian Economy, Finance Ministry, Narendra Modi, Union Budget 2018

What should we expect from the Union budget 2018?

We cannot expect any major changes in terms of the taxation on consumption.


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India’s GDP growth at 6.3 per cent in September quarter is underwhelming but expected

Though it’s better than the 5.7 per cent registered in the last quarter, the current rate will limit the annual average to 6.5 per cent.


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Urjit Patel, Indian Economy, Demonetisation, Bank recapitalisation

Pumping Rs 2.11 lakh crore into India's banks will not guarantee jobs

The move will end up becoming another burden on the public as the government has limited sources of raising money.


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Indian Economy, Job Loss, Narendra Modi, Government advertisement

Newspaper reports show govt ad openly lies on how demonetisation was a success

While the advertisement featuring Modi claims India's poor are getting better jobs, data shows the picture is grim.