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Lunar eclipse, Whatsapp privacy, Baba Ramdev, Indian Medical Association

DailyOh! Cyclone Yaas ravages eastern coast, a triple treat from the Moon

True to its name, Yaas continues to leave behind despair and destruction across the coasts of Odisha and Bengal.


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Moolchand hospital, Covid-19, Indian Medical Association, Drkkaggarwal

Remembering Dr KK Aggarwal: My friend and doctor

No doubt, Dr KK Aggarwal was a good physician. But I will remember him as an excellent human being who was dedicated to his profession, steeped in Indian traditions, and was ever ready to reach out to those in need and distress.


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MBBS, National Medical Commission, Indian Medical Association, IMA

Putting Medical Commission Bill on hold may risk rural healthcare

It is high time the country sees through the game of IMA, which is narrow-minded and not acting in the interest of public health and people.


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Gabbar Is Back, Indian Medical Association, Corruption

Why doctors have a problem with 'Gabbar'

The Indian Medical Association wants a particular sequence shown in the Akshay Kumar-starrer censored.


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Sterilisation, Chhattisgarh Sterilisation Deaths, Indian Medical Association

Why is Indian Medical Association defending unnecessary surgeries?

Instead of acting against unnecessary surgeries, the medical body has actually asked for gagging surveys that highlight these sordid realities.