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BJP, Gujarat Polls, Indian National Congress, Rahul Gandhi

Main challenges for Rahul Gandhi as Congress president

His re-energised version now must help his party recover its lost cadre base and local-meets-national narrative.


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Dynasty politics, Indian National Congress, Congress president, Rahul Gandhi

This is one election he'll surely win: Twitter reactions to Rahul Gandhi's elevation as Congress president

Rahul Gandhi is set to be the undisputed boss in the Congress party.


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Dynasty politics, Congress president, Indian National Congress, Rahul Gandhi

Will Rahul Gandhi answer me? Shehzad Poonawalla asks hard-hitting questions

It's sad the Congress chooses to masquerade the coronation as election for party president.


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Indian National Congress, Amit Shah, Narendra Modi, Twitter

Why Rahul Gandhi's Twitter handle is doing a better job at holding Modi to account than Rahul Gandhi

The 'revamped', snarky social media presence of the Congress vice-president is heartening, but electoral battlefield is a different ballgame.


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Indian National Congress, BJP, Congress Mukt Bharat, Elections 2016

Numbers reveal how close India is to a Congress-mukt Bharat

Cumulative population of states under the oldest party’s direct or indirect control is actually less than that of Uttar Pradesh.