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Fusion music, Indian Ocean, Kandisa, Dailyrecco

Daily Recco, November 12: Kandisa by Indian Ocean, for your Diwali playlist

This weekend, if you have a Diwali party planned with friends, ensure you have Kandisa loaded on the playlist. Not only will it add to the magic of the festive mood, but will also bring that smile only nostalgia can bring.


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Indian Ocean, Rising sea levels, Global warming, Island nations

Will Seychelles president's underwater plea fall on deaf ears

In a remarkable speech delivered from deep under the surface of the Indian Ocean, Seychelles president called for the better protection of the world’s seas.


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Modi government, India-Nepal ties, China, Indian Ocean

Nepal has added insult to India's injury by joining military drill with China. Modi govt must rethink its foreign policy

The double-jolt to New Delhi was not expected from Kathmandu in the wake of the BIMSTEC summit.


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Belt and Road Initiative, India-China Relations, Indian Ocean, South china sea

How India can counter China in Indian Ocean

The Indian defence outlook post-Independence has been centered around to its land borders. New Delhi needs to look at the seas now.


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Modi, China, Indian Ocean, India-seychelles ties

On India-Seychelles ties and an 'island of assumption' over a naval base project

The two nations have agreed to work together keeping each other’s concerns in mind after talks between PM Modi and visiting president Danny Faure.


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Pakistan, India-China Ties, Military, Indian Ocean

How China is expanding its military capabilities across the globe

The country is merely following in the footsteps of other major global powers that have established military bases abroad to secure their interests.


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Indian Ocean, China, India-US naval alliance

Can India-US naval partnership counter China in the Indian Ocean?

The bonhomie between the nations at the diplomatic level has led to strong defence relations between the armed forces, especially the navy.


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Indian Ocean, China, Australia, Indian Navy

Despite visa issue, India must keep up with Australia. Both are leading powers in Indian Ocean region

Both likeminded nations should keep in mind China’s assault on maritime security and freedom of navigation in the Indo-Pacific region.


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Genetics, Indus Valley Civilisation, Indian History, Indian Ocean

Why the rim of the Indian Ocean is history's best kept secret

[Book extract] 'The Ocean of Churn' is a journey along the busy maritime trading route, its geopolitics, genetic churns and great discoveries.


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Indian Ocean, Indian Navy, International Fleet Review 2016

India at sea: Breathtaking images from International Fleet Review 2016

Bringing together military might and technological splendour, IFR2016 promises to be a treat to the eyes.