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Insurgency, Afspa in manipur, AFSPA, Indian Army

What Supreme Court needs to know before deciding on Manipur encounter cases

Indian Army personnel are also humans and have made mistakes but no official has worked for personal gains in conflict areas.


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BJP, Insurgency, Kashmir, Shujaat  bukhari

Why the killer of Kashmiriyat remains an unidentified gunman

From Lal Chowk to London, Shujaat Bukhari's voice for peace in the Valley will keep reverberating.


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Radical Islam, 9/11 Attack, Donald Trump, Insurgency

Tackling insurgent ideologies: American diplomacy from Bush Sr to Obama to Trump-Kim Jong Un summit

In conversation with Farah Pandith, an Adjunct Senior Fellow of the Council on Foreign Relations, US.


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ORF, Urban maoists, Jihad, Insurgency

We're seeing states move away from modernity to religious ideology

In conversation with Samir Saran, ORF President, on tackling insurgent ideologies, regressing into radicalism — and 'urban Maoists'.


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Insurgency, Kashmir, Uri attack, Surgical Stirke

Why I won't celebrate the surgical strikes

No one is asking if all measures to prevent Uri-like terror attacks have been taken.


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Assam, Book Extract, Insurgency, Northeast

The real story of the many nationalities and cultures of Northeast

[Book extract] Two out-of-work journalists decide to travel across the region where Hindi-speaking people were massacred in Assam, ahead of the Assembly elections in 2000.


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Security, Insurgency, Red tape, Police

Can the police solve all our problems?

While physical security is visible and tangible, that it leads to social and psychological security is debatable.


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Insurgency, Jammu and Kashmir, Kashmiri Pandits

Kashmiri Pandits need justice, not Rs 40 lakh flats

There is a huge gap between what the problem is and how various governments have perceived the problem to be.


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Insurgency, BJP, Narendra Modi, Act East Policy

From "Look East" to "Act East": Modi, what about the Northeast?

The Northeast, which has largely been dominated by the Congress, offers the BJP a new political arena where dissatisfaction is omnipresent.


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Jammu and Kashmir Elections, Insurgency, Narendra Modi, Jammu and Kashmir

Open letter to PM from Ground Zero in Kashmir

We have moved on to insurgency and elections already, turning our backs to the ugly hardship of a flood-hit Valley.