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Chandrayaan-1, Chandrayaan-2, Moon mission, NASA

Chandrayaan 2: How the momentum built up and then came to a halt

Those who turned up to catch the launch are asking when will ISRO try again. Are there any clear answers?


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Law, Space exploration, Antrix, ISRO

India needs a robust space law

Despite our long-standing participation in the space sector, a law regarding it has only been unveiled recently.


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Moon, SpaceX, Team Indus, Chandrayaan

After ISRO, how private sector players in India are shooting for the moon

Team Indus, a space start-up in Bengaluru, is in the final legs of a mission to the moon, to be executed in a record time.


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ISRO, Sushma Swaraj, UNGA, Indo-Pak ties

Can't compare India with Pakistan: How one country flew to space while another took to terror

Between 1945 and 1960, three dozen countries in Asia and Africa were decolonised, but few can rival what India achieved in science and technology.


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Launch of India's biggest rocket is a defining moment in space exploration

GSLV Mark III is ISRO’s 'suitable boy'.


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ISRO launching its biggest rocket ever, GSLV-Mk III, is a bold move by India

For an outfit which came into existence when NASA had already sent man to the moon, this is a truly remarkable achievement.


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Sriharikota, GSAT-19, GSLV, ISRO

ISRO's biggest rocket, GSLV Mark III, to launch today: Here's why it's a big deal

It will help the space research front yield profits by enabling it to carry out commercial operations.


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China, Space Program, ISRO

Why India and China have separate ambitions for their space programmes

Science and space diplomacy have acquired a new colour in the 21st century.


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APJ Abdul Kalam, ISRO, SLV-3

It took homegrown engineers with no foreign education to give ISRO its first giant leap

[Book excerpt] R Aravamudan, a pioneer of the Indian space programme, describes the ecstatic moment in this personal history.


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Astronomy, ISRO, Scientists, Women's Day

Indian women astronomers may be few, but they make us proud

A survey in India showed that only a miniscule number of women in faculty positions in research institutes engaged in astrophysics research.