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Sports Ministry, Ivanka Trump, Migrants labourers, Jyotikumari

Jyoti Kumari's life is sport for middle class. Kuch yaad nahi rehta hai

While you will remember what happened to them, they have already moved on. Sab yaad rakha jaayega is a poetic line for middle-class soirees.


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Narendra Modi, Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, Namastetrump

DailyOh! Raymond connection to Air Force One colours to why Namaste and Namaskar Trump are not same

Air Force One and POTUS are inseparable. So much so that if the US President isn’t onboard, Air Force One cannot even be called Air Force One.


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Fashion, Hyderabad, Ivanka Trump

Let's talk about Ivanka Trump's outfits from her visit to Hyderabad

There is a ton of thought that has gone into her fashion choices.


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Dress Code, GES, Modi, Ivanka Trump

When Ivanka Trump, the botoxed American Barbie, visited India

Her appearances were in striking contrast to former US first lady Michelle Obama.


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GES, Women's Empowerment, Modi, Ivanka Trump

India has made a mistake by backing Ivanka Trump as advocate for women's empowerment

She is part of some terrible anti-women policies of the US government.


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Melania Trump, Donald Trump, Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017, Ivanka Trump

Judging Ivanka Trump by her poise and dress sense

The White House adviser is consistently dressed her part - soft pastels, delicate pinks, beiges, rich luxurious fabrics.


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Narendra Modi, Ivanka Trump, Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017

5 reasons why Ivanka Trump is visiting India

The US president's daughter has been championing the cause of women entrepreneurship.


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Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017, Donald Trump, Hyderabad, Ivanka Trump

How Ivanka Trump's visit made Hyderabad great again

Locals will ensure she goes back with happy memories of the city's tehzeeb and mehmaan nawazi.


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Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump, Modi, US-India Ties

Why wooing Ivanka Trump is high on Modi's agenda

The US first daughter is leading a high-powered American delegation for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Hyderabad.


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Ivanka Trump, Vatican, Pope, Donald Trump

Best thing to come out of Trump meeting Pope is a meme

Social media set aflame.