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Janata curfew, Coronavirus in india, Narendra Modi, Covid19

How PM Modi is an effective leader in times of coronavirus pandemic

These are tough times of global crisis when leadership has been in short supply. For India, Modi has so far been successful in providing the right mix of authority and reassurance.


 |  7-minute read
Janata curfew, Lockdown, Queen elizabeth, Coronaviruspandemic

DailyOh! Covid-19 makes Queen Elizabeth move to Windsor Castle. The royal family hid there during World War 2

The queen and her mother, who was the queen back then, slept in the dungeon because it was believed the castle won’t be attacked. But why?


 |  6-minute read
Janata curfew, Kanika kapoor, Coronavirus, Coronavirus in india

DailyOh! Delhi gang rape convicts hanged on Friday, but why Friday wasn’t good for two others, to how to stop ‘Super Girl’ Kanika Kapoor

In 1984 and 2013, dates of two death warrants were changed because the people couldn’t be hanged on Friday.