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Jharkhand polls, Jharkhand elections, Raghubar Das, Jharkhandelectionresults

How BJP's strategy of installing chief ministers from non-dominant castes boomeranged state after state

Two of the three states where BJP refused CM's chair to dominant castes have been lost by the party. In the third, it is at the mercy of an alliance.


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Tribal Rights, Jharkhand polls, Nitish Kumar

What Nitish Kumar setting sights on troubled Jharkhand means

Bihar CM's second visit to the state within a month has crucial political significance.


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Raghubar Das, Babulal Marandi, Jharkhand polls

Jharkhand Assembly polls: Babulal Marandi or Raghubar Das, who is the biggest loser?

The shifting sands of politics leading to change of hearts and party-hopping, have always been a consistent feature in Jharkhand’s political firmament.


 |  8-minute read
Jharkhand polls, BJP, Raghubar Das

Raghubar Das: Modi's man for Jharkhand

New CM has almost always risen at someone else's expense, achieving all his career breakthroughs with their fall.

BJP, Narendra Modi, Jharkhand polls, Jammu and Kashmir Polls

Modi's Saffron Express runs from Jammu to Jharkhand

Our cartoonist sketches the landscape of Indian politics with his wicked pen.


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Jharkhand polls, Jammu and Kashmir Polls, Narendra Modi, BJP

TV trauma: If BJP failed so miserably, why are the analysts miserable?

J&K and Jharkhand elections results: Expert analysts are so out of touch with reality that they beat Rahul Gandhi in not seeing the obvious contest.


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Narendra Modi, BJP, Jharkhand polls

Divided Jharkhand BJP owes its victory to Modi

On the face of it, the BJP seems to have lost crucial seats because of factionalism and its ill-judged alliance with AJSU.