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Jnu violence, JNU protest, Chhapaak, Deepikapadukone

Why Deepika Padukone's JNU visit could have cost Chhapaak at the box office

A reputation for fairness and reliability can come crashing down if one is not judicious in the causes one takes up.


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Toilets, Jnu violence, JNU protest, Tajhotels

Why the right to pee is a human right - and yet it is not

As seen in a recent case on Twitter, lack of an 'appropriate' place to pee can lead people to lose track of reason.


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M Jagadesh Kumar, ABVP, JNU protest, Jnuviolence

What happened in JNU before TV crew reached

Masked men and women launched an attack inside JNU on Sunday night. This tension had, however, been brewing since January 1.


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JNU protest, Jagadesh Kumar, Student protests, JNU

JNU Row: How can we eliminate student violence from campuses? Our political leaders do know

Student politics continues to dominate campus news instead of academic achievements because all political parties are heavily involved in student politics. And this has turned increasingly bitter and violent over the years.


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Kanhaiya Kumar, Anti-nationals, Jagadesh Kumar, JNU protest

JNU on the boil: Students now reach VC Jagadesh Kumar's doors

At the core of the fight is yet another ideological clash over the 'idea of India'.


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JNU Long March, Atul Johri, Jawaharlal Nehru University, JNU protest

Why police crackdown on JNU Long March points at larger conspiracy

The procession was marching towards Parliament Street to draw the attention of parliamentarians to issues concerning the student community.


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Sexual assault, Sexual harassment, Atul Johri, Amulya Patnaik

Delhi Police first delaying JNU prof Atul Johri's arrest and then giving him instant bail raises concerns

We are living in troubled times if the police guarding the national capital of this country needs to be reminded of its constitutional duties.


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Institutes of Eminence, Lyngdoh Committee, Karl Marx, JNU protest

Student opposition to JNU enforcing compulsory attendance requirement is baffling

The institution is yet to be freed from the reductive formulations of the Left.