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Cricketers aren’t speaking On CAA. They have enough reasons not to

The cricket community today would rather be silent on matters of national importance than make statements they don't fully subscribe to.


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JNU protests will fade. The average student will pay with her future

The protests will fade away while the average JNU student will continue to suffer.


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Unleashing violence on protesting students in JNU or Jamia is closing them off

The fact that students protest is accepted across the world. What has shocked middle-class India is the barbaric bloody force that has been used against protesting students, from JNU to Jamia.


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JNU violence was an attempt to end the varsity's reflective character

The university, for the first time, has come under the administrative control of a formation envisaged by the right wing, which seeks to imprint the stamp of its authority on every single point of authority.


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Gulaal, Yuva, Kanhaiyakumar, Jnuviolence

JNU's night of horrors extends beyond violence on January 5

Over the last four years, JNU has been moved decisively away from the youthful idealism of Yuva to the bleakness of Gulaal.


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Recent violence has disrupted JNU’s ethos of heated, but peaceful dissent

Though there were occasional scuffles between student groups, the campus was largely known for debates and discussions to resolve any issues. Violence was never seen as a solution.


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Decency in protests has trumped the parochialism of the Modi regime

It is a time where the government that has been pontificating for years, gets a lesson in politics. For all its brutality, the government is speechless.


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M Jagadesh Kumar, ABVP, JNU protest, Jnuviolence

What happened in JNU before TV crew reached

Masked men and women launched an attack inside JNU on Sunday night. This tension had, however, been brewing since January 1.