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Agra summit, Kargil war, Defence minister, External affairs minister

A tribute to Jaswant Singh: The soldier-scholar-politician

To me, Jaswant Singh will remain the most eloquent and scholarly man with great poise, etiquette and deportment. Au revoir, my Minister!


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Kargil diwas, Indian Army, Kargil war, Vijaydiwas

Kargil War: A salute to the nation’s heroes

PM Narendra Modi's visit to the border areas is a firm message that the unquestioned leader of 130 crore people is there to assure the entire nation stands in unison behind the army.


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Usa vs germany, World War II, 1965 India-Pakistan War, Kargil war

The Higher Call: Two tragedies, 34 years apart, in the Rann of Kutch airspace

What happens if an Air Force pilot decides to be human first, though the rules of warfare of his country mandate that no mercy be shown.


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Defence forces, Kargil war, PM Narendra Modi, Chief of defence staff

CDS will give single-point advice to the govt: He will also help the three forces in effectively preparing for war

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken up the recommendations of many experts and announced the appointment of a Chief of Defence Staff (CDS). The move is a huge positive.


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Operation vijay, Kargil war, Indian Army, Artillery

Shooting Fire in Kargil: When India's determined artillery put the love of Allah in Pakistan's troops

Kargil was also won with the relentless artillery of the Indian army, which rained fire on the Pakistanis night and day, in an offensive last matched by its intensity only in World War 2.


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Pakistan india tensions, War memorial, Letters from Kargil, Kargil Vijay Diwas

The last letter from you: What two soldiers, from India and Pakistan, wrote and read during the Kargil War

Here's a glimpse of two letters, written by soldiers at war during the Kargil conflict, on the Indian and Pakistani side of the border. Both faced death. Both were about to become fathers.


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Mig 27 shot, Tiger hills, Indian Air Force, Kargil war

Storming Our Kargil Skies: The Indian Air Force fought at heights which had never seen weapon delivery before

Despite huge heights and the dangers of being hit by missiles, the Indian Air Force took on the enemy valiantly, aiding the Indian army, not stopping till our earth and our sky was ours again.


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Indian Army, LoC, Kargil Vijay Diwas, Kargil war

The Kargil Conflict of 1999: How Pakistan gave shape to its biggest military blunder

The Indian army needs to be forever vigilant against any Pakistani misadventure.


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Mumbai Attack, Narendra Modi, Vajpayee, BJP

Pakistan's 'peace' talks: Four times when India trusted Pakistan to its peril

There have been crucial instances of India trusting Pakistan enough to engage in visits and talks. These have invariably been followed up with terror attacks on India


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Kargil war, BJP, Pakistan, Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Why we love to remember Vajpayee for his Pakistan policy which did not actually succeed

The spirit behind Vajpayee's Pakistan overture dominates our appreciation of Vajpayee, much more than the many successes of his government.