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Confidence motion, BS Yeddyurappa, Kumaraswamy, Karnataka crisis

Common man has been worst affected by instability in Karnataka

Karnataka is in political turmoil, JD(S) and Congress tie is hanging on tenterhooks, the people of the state have been worst affected by this instability.


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Karnataka bjp vs congress-jds, Karnataka mlas, Karnataka mlas resign, Karnataka crisis

The ‘nataka’ of numbers in Karnataka: With Kumaraswamy's back against the wall, the fight is not easy for the BJP too

Will Kumaraswamy still be in his CM residence on Friday? Or will the tide turn? Here’s what the numbers say.


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Karnataka mlas resignation, Kumaraswamy, Jds-congress alliance, Karnataka crisis

Kar’nataka’: Where the government is doing everything but governance

The trouble is not new for the Congress-JDS coalition government in Karnataka. It has been brewing since day one for the alliance and should have been foreseen.


 |  7-minute read
Jds-congress alliance, Bjp in karnataka, Siddaramaiah, Yeddyurappa

A political drama of naked greed: How the Kar'nataka' played out and the MLAs rebelled

In Karnataka’s current political climate, loyalty is rare and commands a high premium. The BJP knows this. That's one reason why it's pushing, but slowly.


 |  5-minute read
Kumaraswamy, Siddarmaiah, B s yedyurappa, Karnataka crisis

Why there's such a nataka in Karnakata: The roles and reasons politicians are playing in the theatre of the state

With over a dozen legislators now resigning from the state Congress, Karnataka is in political crisis. But the drama has been on for a while. Its likely end is equally dramatic.