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 |  2-minute read
Winter food, Festival food, Lohri, Aate ke laddoo

Daily Recco, January 13: Make Lohri a happy one with Aata Laddoo

Wheat, jaggery, ghee and til make this yummy laddoo an irresistible Lohri delight.


 |  6-minute read
Lohri, Farm laws, Donald trump impeachment, Farmersprotest

DailyOh! Farmers reject SC panel, to what farmers want from Janhvi Kapoor

Farmers say members of the panel are in favour of farm laws, decide to continue protests.


 |  5-minute read
Khichdi, Indian Food, Healthy Diet, Lohri

Why harvest festivals are so important for mind, body and soul

As veneration of the first fruit of labour, rice preparation - khichdi - is a customary part of these celebrations.