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Max Hospital, Inflated hospital bills, Healthcare, Medical negligence

Shutting down one hospital won't help. This is how Max left me in pain for life

The closure of Shalimar Bagh branch is not a salve for widespread corruption; privatised healthcare needs an overhaul.


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Medical negligence, Max Hospital fiasco

Max fiasco: There's no defence for a hospital not knowing if a patient is dead or alive

Doctors alone should not be made scapegoats, responsibility lies with the hospital too.


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Premature births, Media, Medical negligence, Max Hospital fiasco

Max fiasco: A doctor makes sense of why a hospital declared a living baby dead

Had the news reporters done some research, the coverage would have been more balanced.


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Medical negligence, Doctors, West Bengal, West bengal health commission

How will tainted doctors 'judge' medical negligence probes, Didi?

Ironically, the same doctor whose licence was suspended by MCI will now decide complaints of ethical violation.