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Mental Health, Healthcare facilities, Lockdown, Covid-19

How Covid-19 has impacted India's young

Access to essential health services has suffered a major setback, as the focus of India’s public health system shifted to managing and containing the Covid-19 pandemic.


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Mental Health, Suicide, Kurt cobain, Sushantsinghrajput

A short history of star suicides

When it comes to awareness of mental health, India and America are at opposite ends of the spectrum.


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Covid-19, Lockdown, Mental Health, Sushantsinghrajputsuicide

When dreams die young

What drives an otherwise normal and healthy person to take his or her own life? It is an extreme form of self-harm, which cannot be explained by ordinary standards of logic or reason.


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Sushant Singh Rajput, Mental Health, Depression, Suicideprevention

Why there is no time to lose when it comes to suicide prevention in India

All that suicide prevention requires is the collaborative efforts and collective will of society to achieve the goal of zero suicide.


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Corona warriors, Anxiety, Mental Health, Doctors

Corona Warriors: Fear and fight in the medical room

Every doctor, every policeman, and every health service personnel has a fight much bigger than the pandemic itself — the fight against their own fears.


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Job losses, Mental Health, Lockdown relaxations, Covid19

Covid and the crisis of existence

It's difficult to gauge the national mood because we Indians are great ones for putting up a brave front — one reason why mental health has remained low on our priority list.


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Mental Health, Economic impact of coronavirus, Lockdown in india, Covid19

When lockdowns become counter-productive

India’s challenge as the fourth lockdown winds down on May 31 will be to pursue a revival of economic activity without setting off infection spikes in red zones.


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Hope, Mental Health, Covid-19, Coronavirus

Hope in the times of coronavirus

A man whose whole life has been riddled with Corona moments — wants me to tell you this: Hope is the only way to live and be.


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Mental Health, Health, Sleep disorder, Coronavirus pandemic

Anxiety, fear, screens: How to sleep well in times of Corona

The time when counting sheep or stars helped, or a good post-dinner walk made us tired enough to nod off over a late-night conversation, ended long ago.


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Children and mental health, Mental Health, Happiness curriculum, Happinessclasses

LOL: How to keep children happily engaged this lockdown season

The Delhi government has shown the way on how to make it happen.