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Raya sarkar, Sexual harassment, Metoo india, Metoo movement

What #MeToo can achieve for the time being

This is the time to make amends and introspect. It is time to just lend an ear and let the women do the talking.


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Rape, Sexual harassment, Metoo india, Metoo movement

#MeTooIndia: Why victim blaming is the greatest disservice to the movement

How could women who are now crying harassment and rape not know that inebriated men are incapable of handling their sexual desires and animal instincts?


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Chinmayi sripaada, Tamil Nadu, Kollywood, Metoo movement

#MeToo and the conspicuous silence of Kollywood

Barring a handful of stars, most do not seem to want to address the elephant in the room.


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MeToo is here. Now, waiting for a #HowWillIChange movement

It is important that at least some have come forward with apologies.


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Mob mentality, Sexual harassment, Guidelines, Metoo movement

How we can protect #MeToo from allegations of 'mob mentality'

Any revolutionary movement that challenges the status quo generally faces the burden of addressing many factors within it that make it less 'palatable' to those in power.


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Sexual assault, Sexual harassment, Kashmir, Metoo movement

#MeToo: In Kashmir, the movement has lived up to its reputation

Let's wake up and show women that there are people who care for them and are willing to do all it takes to make those wolves-in-sheep’s-clothing pay the price for it.


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#MeToo: Surviving the badshah of the newsroom

Now in politics, he was once called God's gift to the press. But his real gift seemed to lie in hunting female journalists and treating them as 'prey'.


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Slut-shaming, Patriarchy, Metoo movement, Udit Raj

No, MP Udit Raj, #MeToo is not the 'beginning of a wrong practice'. It’s the end of impunity for men

The BJP leader has followed the classic check-list of gaslighting women's rights movements — discrediting via apparent appeals for 'fair play'.


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Stigma, Sexual harassment, Nana Patekar, Metoo movement

Why did #MeToo survivors stay silent for so long

They are threatened with loss of livelihood. With the loss of reputations.