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India on hold: What the markets are telling us

As assembly results arrive, and Urjit Patel exits, the markets shook at the thought of life without Narendra Modi.


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Chhattisgarh Assembly elections, Telangana assembly elections, Mizoram assembly elections, Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections

Bolly-tics: 'Picture Abhi Baki Hai' and other movie dialogues perfect for the assembly poll results

Let's add some much-needed Bollywood tadka to politics!


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Where is the coverage of Mizoram Assembly polls?

If celebrity weddings and Taimur Ali Khan’s play date find more coverage in the media than Mizoram's elections, then we as a country have a serious problem.


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Mizoram Elections – A defining moment, and a new challenge, in electoral history

Mizoram goes to the polls today. It has been a model state for peaceful, orderly and inexpensive elections. But will its displaced Bru tribals get their right to vote?


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Mizoram election results: Key players in the only Congress-ruled state in Northeast

There are 201 candidates in the state which went to poll on November 28 to elect members for the 40-member Assembly.


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Mizoram: Strong anti-incumbency forces the Congress to play the hard-Christian Card

Mizoram is the only one in the Northeast with a Congress government, and the party is leaving no stone unturned to retain power in the state


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What's happening in Mizoram ahead of Assembly elections and why we need to know it

There are always two sides to a story.