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Moon moon sen, Jaya Prada, Sunny Deol, Lok Sabha elections 2019

When ignorance is bliss: Things that our political leaders 'don't know'

Political leaders are meant to know about hot-button topics at least. But some of them seem to have the snooze button instead!


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Elections, Akshay kumar, Moon moon sen, Celeb

Grow up, celebs! Dear movie stars and politicians, please stop treating journalists like kids!

From Moon Moon Sen to Akshay Kumar, please get the memo.


 |  4-minute read
Moon moon sen bed tea, Mamata Banerjee, BJP, Bed tea

Politically Incorrect: In a world of dull, pompous and heavy 'netajis', be a Moon Moon Sen!

Moon Moon caused a furor with her 'bed tea' drawl. But then, obviously, we are not used to politicians being honest anymore. Or amusing.


 |  6-minute read
Babul supriyo, TMC, Moon moon sen

Moon Moon Sen: 'I knew I'd get a Marie Antoinette image after I said 'bed tea'. But I also know Asansol will be won by TMC'

Moon Moon Sen of the Trinamool Congress made headlines with her comeback on poll violence in Bengal, claiming her bed tea was late and she was uninformed. Speaking with Rohit E David, Sen discussed tea, TMC and the BJP.


 |  3-minute read
Babul supriyo, Moon moon sen, Asansol violence, Lok Sabha elections 2019

Bed Tea Vs Bedlam: The importance of being Moon Moon Sen in West Bengal today

Even as Asansol, where she's contesting from, saw a minister facing attack, Moon Moon Sen missed the news because she didn't get her bed tea on time. This is exactly why Mamata Banerjee fields her.


 |  5-minute read
Moon moon sen, Babul supriyo, Mimi chakraborty, Nusrat jahan

Lok Sabha 2019: Why the glitzy side of Mamata Banerjee's Trinamool could turn into a dangerous liaison

Two young female actors are nominated by the Trinamool Congress in heavy-duty seats in Bengal. What is the significance of the party's switch from fielding intellectuals to film stars?