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Shaheen bagh, Citizenship amendment act, Mukesh Singh, Nirbhayagangrapecase

DailyOh! The quickest death sentence in India to why wear yellow on Basant Panchami

You are celebrating Basant Panchami in yellow, but Egypt doesn’t like the colour.

UK's Daughters, Mukesh Singh, Dec 16 Rape Case, Nirbhaya

This is not a banned video: After India's Daughter, now watch UK's Daughters

Indian man Harvinder Singh’s documentary reveals the situation of rapes in the UK. The film also suggests that one-third of Britons believe women are responsible for rape.


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India's Daughter, Mukesh Singh, Nirbhaya Film, Dec 16 Rape Case

Dear government, so I watched India's Daughter

There is nothing to fear in this documentary. But there is a lot to learn. And that is why you should unban it.