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Cardiac arrest, Mumbai Rains, Mumbai, Door no. 1

Life is right now: The much-loved Mihir Bijur’s sudden death shows us an eternal truth

My friend on Twitter and one of the most loved people around, Mihir Bijur, was taken away much too soon. But he has left in his wake some crucial lessons about life and how to live it.


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Tip tip barsa paani, Mumbaikar, Mumbai spirit, Mumbai Rains

Mumbai and Rains: The love-hate relationship

Movies may paint a romantic picture of the rains, but ask a Mumbai commuter and they will tell you the hell they have to go through during this time.


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Kasab bridge, Mumbaikar, Mumbai spirit, Mumbai Rains

Why I am not buying this ‘spirit of Mumbai’ crap anymore

For you, Mumbai's authorities, have actually tried very hard to trample, crush and walk all over that spirit. If you're trying to kill it, you're doing a good job.


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BJP-Shiv Sena, BMC, Mumbai Rains, Potholes

Pothole politics between BJP and Sena: Whoever wins, Mumbai loses

Well, the topography of Mumbai has not changed overnight, nor have the rains suddenly decided to come down heavily.


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Shiv Sena, BMC, Monsoon, Mumbai Rains

Mumbai drowning: The buck stops with Shiv Sena. Why is it not in hot water yet?

The party has ruled the BMC for decades, and Mumbai’s infrastructure has grown steadily worse.


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Civic mess, Shiv Sena, BMC, Mumbai Rains

Mumbai rain mess is here to stay. But people are only paying for their choices

Voters in the Maximum City never punished those responsible for the 2005 mess.


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Monsoon, Mumbai Rains, Andheri bridge collapse

Spare us the clichés on 'Mumbai's spirit': Maximum City is dying due to minimum care

Mumbai is famed for never stopping, always carrying on, no matter what. However, what option does it have?


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Floods, Spirit of Mumbai, BMC, Mumbai Rains

People mocked 'spirit of Mumbai' but it came through this rains

Sometimes, the cynical blinkers we wear need to be taken off and kept aside.


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Liberal Media, Assam floods, Bihar Floods, Mumbai Rains

Why it's wrong to compare Mumbai rains getting more coverage with Bihar and Assam floods

When the financial capital of India with the richest civic body in the country drowns repeatedly, what hope is there for rural swathes?


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Mumbai, Rain Hosts, Floods, Mumbai Rains

Mumbai rains drowning the city: Rescue lines open on Twitter

Mumbaikars, under the hashtag “Rain Hosts”, have been tweeting their locations and addresses and inviting the ones who are stranded outside.