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 |  Tarar Square  |  7-minute read
Congress, Naya pakistan, New India, BJP

View from Pakistan: Decoding Narendra Modi's victory, and the way forward now

The Modi government, despite some failures, has managed to fulfil many of its pre-2014 electoral promises. And its saffron appeal is strong and accessible.


 |  Tarar Square  |  7-minute read
Nawaz Sharif, Benazir Bhutto, Imran Khan, Naya pakistan

Naya Pakistan: Will it be a country of accountability?

Nothing changes in Pakistan. Today what is happening is a mere repetition of what has happened again and again.


 |  5-minute read
Naya pakistan, Imran Khan, Pakistan, Hindus in pakistan

Why Imran Khan’s 'naya Pakistan' is no country for Hindu women

Even as Pakistan's PM is lecturing India on how to treat minority communities, religious minorities in his own nation are fighting to be recognised as humans.


 |  5-minute read
United Nations, Masood Azhar, Pulwama terrorist attack, Pakistan terrorism

‘Naya’ Pakistan is only a chimera

Pakistan’s strategy — as in the past — is to deflect international pressure by taking token action against terrorist groups, and then go back to business once the heat wears off.


 |  3-minute read
Atif r mian, CPEC, Imran Khan, Naya pakistan

Pakistan bans soft music on its flights: Ah, the naya bans in Naya Pakistan!

From Ahmadis to buffaloes and cheese, Naya Pakistan is newly defining the ABC of bans!


 |  Tarar Square  |  8-minute read
Criticism, PTI, Imran Khan, Naya pakistan

'Rigged', 'selected', 'confused': A concise guide to the vocabulary of Imran Khan's critics

The main purpose of these buzzwords apart from the construction of a narrative of victimhood of Khan’s political rivals is to create an environment of negativity within Pakistan.


 |  10-minute read
Naya pakistan, Xi Jinping, Imran Khan, Pakistan-china

'Begging' to differ: Why China is making promises to Pakistan, but not ready to commit anything

Islamabad's all-weather ally Beijing has said more talks are needed before it extends any monetary help.


 |  3-minute read
Hafiz Saeed, Imran Khan, UNGA, Naya pakistan

Will Imran Khan now explain why his minister was sharing the stage with Hafiz Saeed?

The conference even raised a demand to declare India a terrorist state!


 |  6-minute read
Pakistan Army, Naya pakistan, Pakistan, Imran Khan

Fast Forward: Imran Khan’s Naya Pakistan in 2028

A farcical look at a farce-filled state and its leader who insists he is not a small man.


 |  6-minute read
Religious Extremism, Naya pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Imran Khan

From Jinnah's 'Land of the Pure' to Imran's 'Naya Land of the Pure', little has changed in Pakistani politics

Both the sellers and the buyers of utopian dreams remain the same. The former opportunistic and weak of character, the latter desperate and lazy. A deep dive into Pakistan jointly by Gernail Saheb and A Kiyani.