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India today magazine, Nep 2020, National education policy 2020, India today best colleges survey

The best colleges in India

India Today Editor-in-Chief talks about the 25th edition of the India Today Best Colleges Survey, and the comprehensive and balanced means to assess colleges, in the July 5, 2021 edition of the India Today Magazine.


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Big Data, Cultural influence, Nep 2020, Researchethics

How cross-cultural awareness and ethical pluralism affect online research and teaching in India

It would be prudent to hone our ethical judgments as researchers or educators, rather than presume that ethics and judgment are a matter of concern only for professional philosophers.


 |  6-minute read
Nep 2020, Health research, Social sciences, Ethics

Does research have any ethics, or is it all just hogwash?

It cannot be denied that the concept of self-regulation and ethics in India has been an issue of debate within research — more often in medicine than in the social sciences.


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Nep 2020, Education in india, Medicaleducation

NEP 2020: Why there is need for change in medical education

With the proliferation of medical specialities, the degrees of MBBS is outdated.


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Covid-19, Economic impact of coronavirus, Nep 2020, Employment

Why the new economic landscape needs to be innovatively disruptive

What Covid-19 has taught us is that our actions need to be adaptable and innovative.


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Higher Education, Education, Nep 2020, Neweducationpolicy

What’s new in New Education Policy

To school we must go, even as internationally there is a rising trend of parents going in for home schooling.