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Kathmandu, Nepal Earthquake, Nepal Photo Project

#NepalPhotoProject: Memories of a Himalayan tragedy we deserve to see

The phenomenal art works follow the impact of the 2015 earthquake.


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Kathmandu, Nepal Earthquake

How Nepal politicians can use earthquake to bring stability

The establishment should apply the sense the national solidarity to manoeuvre through sticky issues plaguing the Himalayan nation.

Nepal Earthquake, Avalanche, Mt Everest, Indian Army

[Watch] The unbelievable story of how Indian Army saved 80 lives at Mt Everest

The team swung into action when faced with an avalanche following the Nepal quake.


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Beef, Nepal Earthquake

Taslima Nasreen on eating beef and Pakistan's role in Nepal earthquake

It's only when disaster strikes that we humans are reminded of our frailties.

Nepal Earthquake

How Nepal #EarthquakeAgain rocked a pool party

The latest tremors on May 12 hit near the town of Namche Bazaar and sent thousands of panicked residents on to the streets of Kathmandu.

LandSlide, Nepal Earthquake

Nepal earthquake: Landslide near Kathmandu caught on camera

The video was shot by James Shaw of the Canadian Red Cross near Dhunche, northern Nepal, after a major earthquake hit the country again on May 12.


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Earthquake, Disaster management, Nepal Earthquake

Just how safe is India from a big earthquake?

We cannot carry on as usual, and change our buildings, minds and preparedness only after disaster has struck.


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Nepal, Earthquake, Nepal Earthquake

#EarthquakeAgain: Fresh tremors hit Nepal. Twitter reacts

The temblor hit weeks after a devastating earthquake killed more than 8,000 people and destroyed hundreds of thousands of homes.


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Tel Aviv, Kathmandu, Israeli rescue mission, Nepal Earthquake

Nepal earthquake: How the Israeli mission played out

Arranging 7,000 bottles of water, 500 litres of milk, 300kg of chicken, and huge quantities of medicine in a matter of just a few hours is by no means an easy task.


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Social media campaigns, Natural Disaster, Nepal Earthquake

Nepal earthquake: Proof online activism works

Clicktivism isn't perfect, but we can think of it as a new way of connecting that gives us - the people - even more power if used correctly.