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Crime Against Women, Women's safety, Nirbhaya gangrape, Hathrashorror

How do we ensure a safer India for women?

The need of the hour is to adopt a systematic and comprehensive approach for ending all forms of violence against women.


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India today magazine, Nirbhaya, Nirbhaya gangrape

Why we have all failed Nirbhaya: Crimes against women continue despite changes to law

India Today Group Editor-in-Chief talks about Nirbhaya, who started a revolution of sorts, and how we have essentially failed her, in the February 10, 2020 edition of the India Today Magazine.


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Nirbhaya gangrape, Rapists, Sexual assault, Unnao rape

How to solve India's rape problem

In India, where the chastity of a woman is glorified, rape becomes a means to humiliate not just women, but also entire communities.