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Assam, Book Extract, Insurgency, Northeast

The real story of the many nationalities and cultures of Northeast

[Book extract] Two out-of-work journalists decide to travel across the region where Hindi-speaking people were massacred in Assam, ahead of the Assembly elections in 2000.


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Northeast, China, Shinzo Abe, India-Japan Ties

How India and Japan rattled China with Act northeast policy

The biggest red rag for Beijing is Modi's bold decision to rope in Tokyo in the region's infrastructure development.


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Northeast, Beef Ban, Beef politics, BJP

BJP’s plan to win Northeast over is not going well

Beef ban and politics is drawing heat from various political quarters.


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Northeast, Namami Brahmaputra, Hindutva

Hindutva agenda and Dhola-Sadiya will not bridge the distance between Assam and Arunachal

Lurking in the shadows of glittering stories like Namami Brahmaputra, this is a world that silently predicts an outbreak of catastrophic violence.


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Northeast, Northeast India, Tangkhul Naga Labour Corps

Did the White soldiers really cannibalise Naga Labour Corps during World War I?

This article has been co-authored by Pamkhuila Shaiza and Kachuiwung Ronra Shimray.


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Floods, Northeast, India, Bangladesh

What to know about Cyclone Mora: Northeastern states in the eye of storm

Heavy rains have already started lashing Mizoram, Tripura and other states.


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Manipur, Aizawl FC, Northeast

Indian media's hollow celebration of Manipuri girls and Aizawl FC is predictable

Our collective indifference of the Northeast may pinch those who live there, but it no longer deflates them.


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Kashmir, Northeast, AFSPA, Indian Army

‘Do you have rapists in uniform?’: Why SC asked Indian Army this haunting question

Amicus curiae report recommends independent SIT probe into the excesses perpetuated by the armed forces in Manipur.


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Northeast, Northeast India, Manipur Labour Corps

100 years on, a tribute to the Northeast India labour corps who fought the White War

Many of the soldiers fell victim to air raids and shelling. Still others lost their lives to the gruelling journey to France.


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CPI(M), Manik sarkar, Tripura, BJP

Why BJP sniffs an opportunity in forming the government in Tripura

Anti-incumbency, besides organisational prowess and a grip over grass-roots issues, is all it needs to upset Manik Sarkar's prospects.