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 |  3-minute read
Dollar, Diesel, Current account deficit, Oil

How India can stop the rupee's slide

New Delhi needs to increase exports and find a way to improve its Current Account Deficit.


 |  3-minute read
Arun Jaitley, GST, Taxes, BJP

How rising oil prices are giving Modi government a headache

The government seems to be lost for a solution and is looking at states to reduce taxes on fuel.


 |  5-minute read
Oil, NATO, Sanctions, Iran

How Donald Trump is emerging as a big threat to the dollar

Today, the US is acting counterproductively to its own interest to safeguard the currency's centrality.


 |  2.62 minutes watch-minute read
Crude, Petrol, Oil, Taxes

So why is government not being able to curb hike in petrol and diesel prices?

It's easier to be in Opposition and protest about it than to actually address the problem.


 |  3.77 minutes watch-minute read
Petrol, Oil, Diesel, Narendra Modi

Why petrol and diesel prices are going through the roof

With crude prices rising globally, petrol and diesel rates have hit record highs.


 |  5-minute read
USA, OPEC, Oil, India

American oil supplies okay, but India must not ignore traditional partners

Will US crude oil supplies mean India’s liberation from the OPEC? No. Not now, not in foreseeable future.


 |  4-minute read
Iran, Sanctions, Terrorism, Oil

Arab boycott: By the time Qatar decides to bend its knees, it might be too late

It fails to see that financial clout alone does not work in the region where Qatar sits.