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UIDAI, PDS, Aadhaar, Supreme Court

Why UIDAI CEO saying '100% reliance on Aadhaar not possible' flies in the face of BJP's push for it

The nodal authority conceding the lack of an alternative for Aadhaar — to help the people on ground — is a horrifying prospect.


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PDS, Amartya Sen, Jharkhand starvation death, Aadhaar

Linking of Aadhaar to ration cards in Jharkhand is depriving people of the right to food

Experts have for long argued there is enough food to ensure nobody dies of hunger but people are not able to access it.


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Food Security Act, Biometric, PDS, Aadhaar

Why linking Aadhaar to PDS threatens to disrupt food security: Jean Drèze

[Book extract] The pressure to impose compulsory biometric authentication in the PDS deprives many of their food entitlements.


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Ration cards, Aadhaar, PDS, Jharkhand

Aadhaar-linked PDS: Jharkhand girl's death has become a shameful theatre of blame-games

Those saying it had nothing to do with the family’s non-UID linked ration card being cut off from the PDS are deluded.


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Poverty, Narendra Modi, PDS

Modi government shouldn't scrap public distribution system, it must improve it

The PDS is a lifeline for those who are able to access it.


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MGNREGA, Poverty, PDS, Universal Basic Income

Is India ready for a universal basic income scheme?

While there seems to be a consensus on the idea behind this ambitious project, experts widely differ on its implementation at the cost of existing subsidies.


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PDS, Cashless Economy, Demonetisation

Why cashless PDS may prove more costly for poor

Interviews in the field suggest a general support for the old system, and a resounding 'no' to cash transfers.