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Child Marriage, POCSO, Supreme Court, Marital Rape

Sex with minor wife is rape, SC judgment gives hope to fight for criminalising marital rape

Law is never the only solution. It needs to be supported by the people and the society.


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POCSO, Supreme Court, Marital Rape, Child wife

Why Supreme Court outlawing 'sex with minor wife' can help criminalise marital rape

The ridiculous exception under Section 375, IPC has been removed, but we need to take consent within adults in marriage seriously as well.


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Marital Rape, POCSO, Girl Child, Section 375

Supreme Court criminalising 'sex with minor wife' places the girl child's rights above all

The apex court’s judgment puts in place a uniform system to deal with cases of child sexual abuse.


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Child Rape, POCSO, Molestation, Bombay High Court

Bombay HC's remark that rape victim 'used to do all dirty things' is depressing

The court granted bail to man accused of raping his 17-year-old adopted daughter after noting that her statements were not entirely reliable.