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Kashmir, Terrorism, Pulwama terror attack, Pulwama

How Pulwama changed India

In a strategic sense, Pulwama has been something of a disaster for Pakistan and its irredentist 'Kashmir cause'.


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Balakot air strike, Pulwama terror attack, India pakistan border, Indian Navy

Beyond Balakot: Why the sudden deployment of INS Vikramaditya off the Pakistan coast is significant

As Pakistan Day approaches, this could be a general security arrangement in our part of the seas. Or, it could be a deployment based on specific intel inputs, including possibly of 'samundari jihad'.


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Pakistan, Balakot air strike, Pulwama, Pulwama terror attack

Did the Balakot crow die fed up of Pakistani lies?

The country has been lying incessantly since the Pulwama terror attack in Kashmir.


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Jaish-e-mohammed, Reuters, New York Times, Pulwama terror attack

Hey New York Times, Pulwama was not an ‘explosion’, just like 9/11 wasn’t 'a plane crash'

Pakistan-based terror outfit Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) claimed responsibility for the Pulwama attack. How did this information slip the journalists at NYT? Or is this post-fact journalism now?


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FAFT, Afghanistan-US, USA, International diplomacy

What did the Balakot air strikes achieve?

India needs to keep the pressure in the international forums to establish Pakistan's terror-mongering. We cannot afford laxity at a point when we have support from most other countries.


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Shishupala principle, Balakot, Iaf air-strikes, Pulwama terror attack

The Pulwama attack has ushered in a new India, conscious of dharma and unafraid

The attack that saw India lose 40 of its CRPF personnel was the final tipping point. India will no longer remain in a slumber-like policy of 'strategic restraint' when faced with brutal terror assaults.


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Pakistan, India, Airstrike, Pulwama terror attack

IAF airstrike on Pakistan: This is a sobering time, not for gloating or chest-thumping

In attacking bakeries and Kashmiris, people are being given an outlet for rage, taking focus away from tough questions we do need to ask.


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Pakistan, Pulwama terror attack, Indian Air Force, Iaf air strike

Escalations likely after Balakot attacks. The question is when?

Indian Air Force has struck Pakistan hard. What are Islamabad’s options?


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Ban pakistani cricket, Pulwama terror attack, ICC World Cup, India vs Pakistan

No play with Pakistan: We Indians must choose between national pride and our martyrs' sacrifice versus a game of cricket

If Pakistan plays the World Cup, India withdraws. We owe this to our own sense of nationhood and our brave-hearts. If we unite in this spirit, our win will be much bigger than any World Cup.


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Pulwama martyrs, Caste Census, CRPF, Caravan magazine

How a 'caste census' of Pulwama martyrs utterly disparages their sacrifice

Do patriots have a caste, creed or colour? Most certainly not. They are Indians and their loss, more than anything else, makes us realise that truth.