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Indian women's hockey team, PV Sindhu, E-rupi, Tokyo olympics 2020

DailyOh! PM Modi launches e-RUPI, and India's Chak De moment at Tokyo

e-RUPI is a person-specific and purpose-specific payment system that will ensure that the benefits reach its intended beneficiaries in a targeted and leak-proof manner.


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PV Sindhu, Badminton, Tokyo olympics 2020, Covid-19

DailyOh! Basavaraj Bommai is the new CM of Karnataka, to the Indian girl-power at the Olympics

BJP leader Basavaraj Bommai was sworn in as the 23rd Chief Minister of Karnataka today, replacing BS Yediyurappa.


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Silver Medal, Glasgow, Badminton, PV Sindhu

PV Sindhu's silver win in the world championships shows she'll keep fighting for the gold

The badminton star has truly emerged from the shadow of her senior, Saina Naiwal.


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PV Sindhu, Badminton, Wrestling, Olympics

Why Indian wrestlers need to learn from badminton stars

There is no depth in Indian wrestling and if one looks at what is in store in 2017, with two big events coming up, the scenario is scary.


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Afrophobia, PV Sindhu, Superiority complex, Racism

Why India sees PV Sindhu defeating Carolina Marin as a revenge game

Long live the great Indian superiority complex.


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PV Sindhu, Indian sportswomen

Why India's sportswomen must scream like champions

You don't just win a point. You make yourself heard.


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Rio Olympics 2016, Pullela Gopichand, PV Sindhu

What Sindhu, Gopichand told me in their first interview after Rio Olympics win

As a sports journalist, it was one of the sweetest moments for me in 2016.


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PV Sindhu, Rio Olympics 2016, 2016

2016 was year of the Indian woman in sports

Dipa Karmakar, PV Sindhu, Sakshi Malik, Aditi Ashok - their performances meant so much to not just Indian sport but the whole nation.


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Sakshi Malik, PV Sindhu, Rio Olympics 2016

What stops India from clinching medals at Olympics

Our authorities need to select sports and games in which money can go a long way.


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Sakshi Malik, PV Sindhu, Fashion, Olympics

Why India is no showstopper for the Olympics ramp

A country that celebrates its fabric and textiles to a status of near-reverence should be able to hold its head high on such an international platform.