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Caa-nrc protest, Ram mandir babri masjid case, Article 370 revoked, Modi2.0

Modi 2.0: The story so far

In the fast-changing post-Covid-19 global order, the world is facing an unprecedented leadership crisis. India is relatively better, with Modi's ratings still high both domestically and internationally.


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Jammu and kashmir article 370, Article 370 repealed, Ram mandir babri masjid case, Modi 2.0

Year 1 of Modi 2.0: The value of removal of Article 370 for India's security

The Ram Mandir verdict was another historic event that people should appreciate as a great achievement of Modi 2.0.


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Ram mandir babri masjid case, Ayodhya ram mandir, Lord rama ayodhya, Lord rama ramayana

Tracing the legacy of Lord Ram: This clan of Jaipur royals claims that they are descendants of Kush, the son of Ram

Jaipur royals have been known to take care of properties in Ayodhya since time immemorial.