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Raya sarkar, Sexual harassment, Metoo india, Metoo movement

What #MeToo can achieve for the time being

This is the time to make amends and introspect. It is time to just lend an ear and let the women do the talking.


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Sexual harassment, Lawrence Liang, Ambedkar University Delhi, Raya sarkar

Law professor Lawrence Liang held guilty of sexual harassment: Name and shame list vindicated?

An inquiry panel found the academic had 'crossed the line' on multiple occasions.


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Raya sarkar, Sexual harassment

Why a lack of response from Raya Sarkar on sexual predator list is troubling

The onslaught is problematic at several levels.


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Academics, Hollywood, Sexual assault, Harvey Weinstein

What Raya Sarkar's list of sexual predators reveals

Beside the academic community, the media too is particularly ripe for a #MeToo outbreak.


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Raya sarkar, Sexual harassment, Name and shame campaign, Partha Chatterjee

Responding to Partha Chatterjee's response is essential to maintain the integrity of the list

Raya Sarkar should ensure the alleged sexual harassers’ list is substantiated with the exact nature of charges against each accused.


 |  12-minute read
Raya sarkar, Sexual harassment, Indian Women

Making sense of a list of sexual predators through the lens of JM Coetzee's Disgrace

I, however, don't want the story to end in a travesty of justice. Now, a different climax is possible.


 |  10-minute read
Raya sarkar, Kafila, Indian feminists, Sexual harassment

Why the response to a list of sexual harassers has splintered India's feminist movement

A statement by 13 feminists on the progressive blog Kafila has led to a moment of painful reckoning.


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Facebook list, Academics, Raya sarkar, Sexual harassment

My name is on the list of sexual harassers in academia on Facebook, this is what's wrong with it

Vigilante feminism by trolls only consolidates institutional trivialisation of sexual harassment.


 |  6-minute read
JNU, Sexual harassment, Academics, Raya sarkar

Why a Facebook list of alleged sexual predators in academia has spooked vocal Indian feminists

There seems to be an underlining presumption that only a certain kind of men are capable of committing rape/sexual harassment.