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Sanitation, Ayushman bharat, Report card, Achievements

Narendra Modi's five years in power: 10 most important achievements

Modi will be judged on his government’s performance. Here's how the report card reads.


 |  4-minute read
Israel, Clean energy, Sanitation, World toilet day

Running short on cooking fuel? Just pressure cook your poop!

Why should it go waste? Israeli researchers spell out how to turn human waste into a clean, cheap and sustainable source of energy. There are lessons for India there, once we get over our disdain


 |  Point Blank  |  2-minute read
Upper Castes, Sanitation, Dalits

How dare you ask an 'upper caste' Indian to clean toilets?

If this indeed is denigration, why is it forced upon one section of the society?


 |  3-minute read
Sanitation, Health

Help! Our children are dying

Spread the key basic messages – washing hands with soap and access to basic vaccines are non-negotiable.


 |  4-minute read

For Swachh Bharat to succeed, open defecation must end

To stop "poo" wreaking havoc on India’s health, environment and economy, some 2.25 crore quality toilets must be built annually between now and 2019.