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 |  6-minute read
Priyanka Gandhi, Savitribai Phule, Congress, Tom vadakkan

Why I think Tom Vadakkan leaving the Congress is good riddance

Young India is looking forward to a jeans and T-shirt-wearing political leader. The Congress also needs alliances of a bold new kind. The old guard must therefore make way for the new.


 |  5-minute read
Jyotirao Phule, Girl education, Kavya phule, Savitribai Phule

A saviour called Savitribai: She stood tall against caste and gender oppression. Yet, Savitribai Phule is a forgotten hero

Although society threw cow dung at her, she fought for the right of Dalit girls to get an education, child brides to live with dignity and women to have equality in society. This bravery in 19th century India would be outstanding even today.


 |  15-minute read
Jyotiba Phule, Maharashtra, Dalits, Savitribai Phule

Why we need to know the story of Savitribai Phule, India's first feminist

[Book extract] Her life reads like an endlessly inspiring storybook; the stuff of legend.


 |  4-minute read
Tribute, Savitribai Phule, Google Doodle

Google Doodle brings into focus Savitribai Phule, India's first woman teacher

Will modern society, reminded of her just yesterday, keep alive her teachings of social reform?