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Reform, BJP, Narendra Modi, Science and Technology

Why Modi government is finally waking up to the need for reform in science and technology

It is better late than never that we have a panel of experts to advise the PM on issues relating to science, technology and innovation.


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Science and Technology, Astronomy

Indian astronomy is undergoing a transformative change - worth being excited about

Big science projects such as building gravitational wave detectors need not only huge investments but also high calibre human resources.


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Science and Technology, Muslim Ban, Donald Trump

Trump's Muslim ban is building walls around science

Not just the IT industry, but even the biotech industry is unnerved by the visa and travel restrictions.


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Scientific Research, Cancer, Science and Technology

An Indian researcher has made affordable cancer detection possible using tech

India needs more researchers like Kedar Khare who can work on all aspects of science.


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Indian culture, Science and Technology, Medicine, Bollywood

Surgeon explains how Hindi movies have made medicine into a farce

Bollywood betrays a gross illiteracy and it's not funny.


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ISRO, NASA, Science and Technology

India needs to celebrate its scientists with glitz and glamour

Everything about the third Breakthrough Prize ceremony held last week was mega. We must take cue from the event.

Viral Video, Science and Technology

Russian rocket carrying Mexican satellite crashes in Siberia

Proton-M was launched from the Russia-leased Baikonur cosmodrome on Saturday. Observers say post-Soviet Russia’s space programme has been hampered by a brain drain and a steady erosion of engineering and quality standards.


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Science and Technology, Narendra Modi

How science under Modi equals to headless labs and budget cuts

The Indian Council of Medical Research is without a full-time director general.


 |  4-minute read
Science and Technology

How 'Star Trek' is about to become a reality

What was once a fiction has become real in the last one decade or so, thanks to Microsoft HoloLens and Oculus Rift.

Science and Technology, Satire, Vedic Science

[Watch] Proof: Indians not only flew planes first, they also came up with internet and laptop

Cynics are aplenty these days, doubting our intellectual prowess. This video shows how ahead we have been.