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Jammu and Kashmir, Militancy in kashmir, Shujaat  bukhari, Babarqadri

Who killed Kashmiri lawyer Babar Qadri

The young lawyer was reportedly on the radar of terror group linked to journalist Shujaat Bukhari’s killing.


 |  8-minute read
Article 370 revoked, Article 370, Shujaat  bukhari, Kashmiri journalists

Why I want to apologise to journalists based in Kashmir

I would never have managed to report from Kashmir without the help of several local journalists and this is my thank you note to them.


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Terrorists, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Journalist killed, Shujaat  bukhari

One Year After Shujaat Bukhari: Rising Kashmir editor was killed a year ago. The investigation into his murder has gone nowhere

Even as the prime accused is reportedly hiding in Pakistan, this case needs to be resolved for the sake of fearless journalists and journalism itself.


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Gauri Lankesh, Journalists, Umar cheema, Shujaat  bukhari

Why it is imperative for journalists to speak up against repeated attacks

Many of these attacks are systematic and well-planned rather than being random.


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BJP, Insurgency, Kashmir, Shujaat  bukhari

Why the killer of Kashmiriyat remains an unidentified gunman

From Lal Chowk to London, Shujaat Bukhari's voice for peace in the Valley will keep reverberating.


 |  3-minute read
Aurangzeb khan, Jammu and Kashmir, Shujaat  bukhari

What the Ramzan killings of Shujaat Bukhari and Aurangzeb prove

The brutal murders demonstrate the extent of indoctrination of the radical elements.


 |  10-minute read
Liberals, Ramzan ceasefire, Jammu and Kashmir, Shujaat  bukhari

No one killed Aurangzeb — Fewer tears for Kashmir's slain soldier shows 'liberal' lack of empathy

Shujaat Bukhari's murder sparked online grief and anger. But why was the killing of an army man relatively overlooked?


 |  3-minute read
AFSPA, Kashmir Valley, Rising kashmir, Shujaat  bukhari

Shujaat Bukhari murder: When will the bloodshed in Kashmir end?

The conditions in the Valley have been deteriorating with each passing day.


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PDP-BJP, Militancy, Kashmir, Shujaat  bukhari

Mourn Shujaat Bukhari's death, but ask who killed him and why

The Rising Kashmir's editor-in-chief was one of our bravest journalists. He lived up to his name.


 |  7-minute read
Journalist killed, Militancy in kashmir, Kashmir, Shujaat  bukhari

Shujaat Bukhari's killing shows Kashmiri journalists may not live to tell their tale

Both journalists and civil society face grave danger in Kashmir today. But as violent militancy grows, the political system seems asleep.