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Why we need to do something about who turned Delhi into a toxic city

The political blame-game played out over air pollution in the media is disheartening at best and tragic at worst.


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Farmers, Smog, Pollution, Wildlife

How faulty government policies ruined farmers and made our cities unbreathable

Environmental refugees have swelled the urban populations to levels well beyond anything existing infrastructure can handle.


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Delhi, Smog, Air Pollution, Airtel Delhi Half Marathon

[Watch] How to run Delhi Half Marathon in pollution with lungs full of smog

One of the most toxic top-tier road races is set to take place even as residents are gasping for breath.


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How air pollution fogs the mind and affects the brain

It's the silent killer lurking in the background.


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Take a deep breath, Delhi: Pollution is not all that bad

Here are five benefits of smog that will give you a PM-level high.


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How Delhi is reacting to toxic pollution levels

Authorities must act as the capital turns into a gas chamber.


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As Delhi's pollution reaches 'emergency' levels, Twitter reacts to smog chokehold

Doctors in the capital have warned of a public health emergency asking people to not go out or risk chronic lung and heart diseases.


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Shutting down schools is no way to fight Delhi's life-threatening pollution

The ambient air quality inside homes is sometimes worse than the one outside.