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Peoples choice awards 2021, Pcas 2021, Golden globes 2022, Screen guild awards 2022

5 big awards Squid Game has won in the West

Squid Game has won 3 awards at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, making it the first foreign language series to win small screen awards in the US. Here are all other big wins it has had in the West.


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South dakota squid game, South dakota teachers dash for cash, South dakota teachers cash, Dash for cash

Teachers get into Squid Game-style Dash for Cash to raise funds. An apology follows

A giveaway to make school life better was supposed to feel fun, like Takeshi's Castle. Instead, it ended up looking like Squid Game.


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Death penalty, Kim Jong-un, Squidgame, Northkorea

In North Korea, watch Squid Game and it's game over for you

A Korean man sentenced to death, one student sentenced to life imprisonment, six for five years of hard labour. All this because they saw the South Korean hit show Squid Game.


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Rug pull, Fraud, Cryptocurrency, Squidgame

USD 2,861 to 0: Squid Game cryptocurrency loses life faster than at Red Light

The Squid Game crypto has exposed a new style of getting users to invest in scams that leverage a pop culture sensation for attention. Which red flags did investors not pay attention to?