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Wahhabi, Terrorism, Tamil nadu thowheed jamaath, Sri lanka terror attack

India’s internal jihadist threat is rapidly growing

New Delhi’s counterterrorism focus on J&K has allowed jihadists to gain influence in states like Kerala, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal. ISIS has even named a 'Bengal emir'. The situation is fraught and must be controlled.


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Islamic fundamentalism, Religious Extremism, Sri lanka terror attack, National thowheed jamaath

Sri Lanka terror attack: How to fight extremist brainwash

The answer, perhaps, is contained in one word: intelligence.


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Muslim fundamentalism, Islamic Terror, Colombo, Sri lanka terror attack

Stop the Waffling: The Sri Lanka terror attack was definitively about religion. It was an Islamic attack on Christians. Why fudge the truth?

When Christchurch happened, the liberal reaction was loud and clear, but when Colombo happened, there was a deafening silence. Why are we so hesitant to call one stream of religious thought out?


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Islamic Extremism, Terrorism, ISIS, Sri lanka terror attack

Lessons India can learn from Sri Lanka attacks about religion-based terrorism

Religious terrorism isn’t about poverty, local issues, schools one studies in or the religious milieu in which someone grows up.